Youth Development

Youth development represents the core of our programs. We believe that the youth is indeed the foundation of the growth of any nation, they have the capacity to be relevant even if they double their age. A youth of 25years old today if the age is doubled or multiplied by 2 will still be relevant to the nation at 50 years old.

This form our philosophy that says… developing the youth, building the nation.

We focus on leadership, entrepreneurship, employability and life skill training for the youth.

  • The Bridge:

    The Bridge is a sub-program under Kimpact Employability and Entrepreneurship, School. It’s targeted at training and fine-tuning the skills of students of higher institutions to suit the real world requirements in the area of employability and entrepreneurship. The bridge tends to enlighten all participants and make them understand what the employers look out for in them, as a prospective employee, using a practical approach of learning through life coaching, panel discussion, summer jobs and internship programs.