Youth development is the process whereby the creative potentials of young people are harnessed to enable them to make pragmatic decisions and engage systems and institutions to improve their lives and contribute to societal development. It ranges from social, ideological, educational, technological and political/leadership empowerment to keep the youths gainfully engaged in productive activities. Therefore, promoting youth development is an enduring, overarching purpose, not a one-off goal. Irrespective of the population of the youth, their energy, creativity, and passion to better their lives and contribute to the development of their state, Osun youth face daunting socio-economic challenges. These include declining educational and healthcare standards, high unemployment rates and poverty. This policy brief provides recommendations for effective youth development programs and policy formulation, implementation, and coordination using legislation and a strategic framework.

Download the E-copy of the Policy Brief: OYA OYDC POLICY BRIEF (FINAL)

Last modified: August 29, 2019