The Quest for Peaceful Election

The Quest for Peaceful Election is KDI’s detailed report and documentation of the 2023 general


Request for Applications (RFA) for the Nigeria Election Violence Education and Resolution Project towards the 2023 General Elections.

This call for sub-award applications from Kimpact Development Initiative (KDI) is to invite


Road To 2023: Disaggregated Data of Election Violence in Nigeria (Jan 1 – Sept 9, 2022)

Elections in Nigeria have been happening under different contexts – some amidst economic


KDI Pre-Election Environment Assessment of Ekiti and Osun States

… assessing the pre-election security risks ahead of the elections. Election Security Risk


Questions of the moment

FAQs about the Bill that proposes additional Female legislative seats in Nigeria. Kimpact


KDI Trains 37 Democracy Enthusiasts as Media Champions for #SecureNGDemocracy Campaign

In a bid to increase public knowledge on the increasing authoritarian influence in Nigeria, KDI


Election Stakeholders Need To Restore Citizen Confidence and Strategize to Avert Violence In The Forthcoming Anambra Election

Building upon years of extensive groundwork in election violence monitoring and mitigation in


Waves of Violence in Nigeria (Vol 1)

INFOGRAPHIC REPORT: This report put into numbers, incidents of violence in Nigeria as a result of


Understanding Voters

Low turnout in elections is a serious threat to democracy. One reason lies in the fact that voters