KDI has contributed immensely to youth policy development in Nigeria; one of such landmark achievements is the Youth Policy Agenda Advocacy in Osun State. KDI aggregated young people’s developmental needs in Osun state and advocated its inclusion in the budget of relevant MDAs.  We saw the need for a clear and strategic Youth Development framework, KDI started legislative advocacy for the establishment of a Youth Development Commission through the act of parliament

Success Story

  • In May 2020, the Osun State House of Assembly passed the Osun Youth Development Commission Est. Bill 2020.
  •  Governor Gboyega Oyetola separated the Ministry of Youth from being an appendage of the Ministry of Commerce and Industry to a standalone ministry.
  • 17 out of 34 recommendations of the OYA were included in the 2020 state budget.
  • Several other non-budgetary policy recommendations across the intervention states are also being implemented. One of which is the same school uniform policy for secondary schools in the state that has been abolished.

3 million Osun citizens were reached to sensitize them of their rights and the need to hold the government accountable (This include those reached via radio programs on OSBC 104.5FM and RAVE 91.7FM stations)

Download the Osun Youth Agenda TrifoldDownload the Osun Youth Agenda 2
Download Osun Youth Agenda BrochureDownload the OYA Policy Briefs (Youth Development in Osun State)
Download the OYA Policy Briefs (Health)Download the OYA Policy Briefs (Wealth Creation)
Download the OYA Policy Briefs (Youth Participatory Budgeting)Download Osun Youth Agenda News Letter 1
Download Osun Youth Agenda News Letter 2Download Osun Youth Agenda News Letter 3
Download the OYA Policy Briefs (Education)Download the OYDC (Legislative Brief)

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