Kimpact Development Initiative (KDI), monitored and documented acts of violence in other to put numbers to violence occurring in the country, to know the extent of damage, proffer solutions and recommendations on how to curb the increase of violence during the COVID-19 pandemic period.

KDI recruited 37 monitors across the 36 states and FCT Abuja to monitor and document any form of violence in their states most especially gender-based violence. The KDI project team worked with CSO partners and the media to collate data from relevant government agencies in different states for verification. A monitoring checklist was developed to guide the monitors.

The violence cases tracked and documented most especially Gender-based violence during the COVID-19 lockdown period were disaggregated and compared with violence data before COVID-19 lockdown.

Download the full infographic: Violence Infographic_violence_track

Last modified: June 10, 2020