As individuals, we share different and strong views concerning elections in Nigeria, sometimes backed up with little or no concrete fact or data related evidence. In bridging this gap, KDI explored citizens’ beliefs, knowledge, and non-violent expectations ahead of the Ekiti and Osun states governorship elections. This produces KDI’s final “pre-Election Security and Risk Assessment in Ekiti and Osun States”. The assessment of the pre-election environment in these two states has been done at intervals.

You can download the previous pre-election environment assessment in Ekiti and Osun States

In the final PESRA, KDI combined facts, figures, and citizens’ perspectives on past happenings and current issues, placing Ekiti and Osun politics within the security, media, political and electoral contexts.

KDI predictions

? Ekiti and Osun citizens may turn out massively on the 2022 governorship Election Day. However, INEC Nigeria needs to ensure adequate preparation to avoid logistics and technological challenges that could dampen voters’ enthusiasm.

? #KDI predicts voter turnout within a range from 43.5% of eligible voters turning out to a high of 49% in Osun State, while a low of 39% to a high of 47% in Ekiti.

?Considering the socio-economic state of these two states – Kimpact Development Initiative – KDI is predicting a widespread vote-buying in the forthcoming election.

For more of these predictions, such as the Hotspot, predominant violence, and historical facts – Download #KDI Ekiti & Osun pre-Election Security Risk Assessment (ESRA) here

Last modified: June 2, 2022