We know the importance of Economic Growth and Development. Economic Development typically involves improvements in a variety of indicators such as literacy rates, life expectancy, and poverty rates. It has direct relationship with the environment. KDI is designed to provide innovative and cutting edge policy intervention endeavour which aims at economic and social well-being of people, increased market productivity and rise in GDP.

  • Kimpact Employability School (KES)

KES is aimed at developing youths and job seekers by increasing their market values and leadership capacity so that they can have an edge in the labour market by being employed or employer of labours. In line with this, Kimpact Development initiative has organized series of employability and entrepreneurship program for final year students of tertiary institutions, Corp members, job seekers etc., where over 14000 youth have been trained from 2015 till date.

  • KEGS (Kimpact Economic and Governance School)

Kimpact Entrepreneurship and Governance School (KEGS) is a program organized to build a generation of young persons in business and governance with enduring legacies and also to imbibe in them the spirit of meritorious leadership that will help in solving problems and leading them effectively within their areas of influence.

  • JKEGS (Junior Kimpact Economic and Governance School)

JKEGS is a program targeted at equipping young minds with quality skills in entrepreneurship, leadership and life skills. It’s aimed at training 1000 teenagers across the south west and over 150 teenagers have been trained from different secondary schools within the state.