We recognize the importance of having well informed and active citizens that are actively participating in decision-making processes. KDI is designed to provide innovative and cutting edge interventions to strengthen governance structures, system and processes, to run more efficaciously and expeditiously in the best interest of the society.


    It’s a program aimed at discussing and analyzing public policies by seasoned scholars from diverse professional backgrounds with the view to verify the workability of national policies and suggest tested and proven policies.


    An election is an integral part of representative democracy that by and large prevail across the world. It remains a stabilizing factor in any democratic society. It is almost impossible to talk about democracy without making implicit reference to the election.

    KDI believes, elections constitute the body, soul and spirit of democracy. But, how credible and peaceful an election is; determines its democratic measurement. KDI has close to a decade experience in working on elections, we provide support to election management bodies and other relevant stakeholders..

    KDI promotes free and fair elections, KDI also facilitates and intensify voter education sensitization in a bid to deepen electoral democracy in Nigeria..


    We believe that the legislature is indispensable in the democratic process, hence we provide support and interventions in the legislative arm of government, KDI’s parliamentary engagement is driven through capacity development and groundbreaking research. KDI ensure that the capacity of legislators is boosted by providing training such as public speaking. We bridge the gap between the legislators and the citizens by creating platforms for engagement.

    • Kimpact Democratic Governance Programs

    The Kimpact Democratic Governance Fellowship Program focuses on building the leadership skills, raising the organizational talents, and harnessing the potential of rising democracy leaders from around the world.

    Kimpact Democratic Governance Fellowship Program is a platform for grooming future political leaders undergo training, mentorship and conduct research on how democratic governance can be deepened in Africa for 3 months.

    • Accountability and Transparency in Government

    We know that accountability and transparency is a core value of good governance, to deepening democratic processes we believe citizen should demand accountability from elected officials. KDI has a program called “Manifesto Monitoring”. The program is aimed at tracking and documenting verified promises of candidates. This promise is made available for citizens to access and political leaders are reminded of their promises during electioneering.

    • #HumanNotAnimal

    The program aims to reduce human rights violations in the prisons. Prisons in Africa that ought to be correctional facilities are now in a deplorable state. The problem of prison congestion in Africa might not come as news, but the staggering numbers of people awaiting trial has contributed greatly to its congestion and the out stretch of facilities might be shocking. Through our #HumanNotAnimal campaign, we talk against this problem through our anti-corruption campaign and encourage the government to refurbish our correctional facilities. We promote public education and build the capacity of inmates