Citizen participation in civic life is essential to sustaining democracies in Nigeria. Without it, the government of the people, by the people, and for the people may regress. Of increasing concern is the declining level of citizen participation which is also felt in the electoral process. Since 2003, there has been a consecutive decline in voter turnout. The structural cause of this voter apathy cannot be disassociated from how Nigerians are not getting the desired transformation in their quality of life due to poor governance and corruption. The vicious cycle of corruption is also reinforced when citizens do not understand their rights and ways to hold elected officials accountable for their performance in office. This lack of understanding can also be due to inadequate civic and voter education.

Many efforts have been invested in civic and voter education by INEC and civil society organisations. However, the effectiveness of this civic and voter education remains in doubt. Previously, most channels and strategies for enlightening citizens have been through traditional media and flyers, which do not appeal to young people between 18 and 36 years, who constituted 51.1% of registered voters as of 2019. This category of youth is also active internet users. There were about 104.4 million internet users in Nigeria, and over 33 million active social media users, with a median age of 18.1 in January 2021. It is imperative to create a digital and interactive civic and voter education platform where citizens, especially the youth, can be enlightened on their rights and good governance and discuss their ideas and hopes for credible elections.

Given the above, KDI seeks to leverage ICT to promote non-partisan conversations around Nigeria’s democracy and drive civic education and citizen engagement in the 2023 general elections. Also, KDI calls for interested companies and individuals to apply.

Core Requirements:

  • Be a Drupal developer and advance in Drupal 9.
  • Understand PHP and other server-side languages.
  • Have experience as themer and module developer.
  • Have at least three (3) products developed using Drupal.


Some expectation of this platform Is:

  • A platform where citizens can engage in civil discussions and share multimedia files.
  • Stay updated on the news about democracy and governance
  • Features for online meetups.


KDI calls on qualified companies/individuals with a deep understanding and experience of web/mobile application development to submit their CV and or portfolio to on or before the 31st May 2022.  

NB: Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.

About KDI:

Kimpact Development Initiative (KDI) is a non-profit, non-partisan, non-governmental organization. KDI inspires citizen-led democratic development anchored on the principle of participation, data-driven advocacy, strong democratic institutions, and public policies. We build informed and active citizens through capacity development, advancing public policies, data-driven advocacy, and reforms that give a more supportive environment for citizen-led development.

Last modified: May 27, 2022