The election process in Nigeria from inception has been fraught with irregularities like those that are highlighted in Section 1) 138) (a)- (d) of the Electoral Act, Laws of the Federation 2010 (as amended). When the electoral process is heavily laden with irregularities, issues of legitimacy arise. To resolve the issues of legitimacy, resolution powers in election matters are vested in the specialized court–Election Petition Tribunal–established under Section 285 of the Constitution. Election Petition Tribunal (EPT) is a key component of the legitimacy of the whole electoral process in Nigeria. To determine if the Election Tribunal is a true arbiter in election infraction matters, Kimpact Development Initiative (KDI) with the support of the International Foundation for Electoral System (IFES) monitored the EPT process to find out the tribunal’s compliance to EPT guidelines, the Constitution, Electoral Act 2010 as amended and other extant laws and policies. KDI monitored the Election Petition Tribunal through trained monitors using quantitative and qualitative in-depth analysis.

Download the full report of the Analysis of Election Petition Tribunal for the 2019 General Elections: KIMPACT EPT FINAL REPORT

Last modified: June 21, 2021