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Kimpact Development Initiative (KDI) is a youth-focused nonprofit, nonpartisan, nongovernmental organization that advances good governance, democratic rights, public policy, public engagement and sustainable economy. We do this by building informed and active citizens through capacity development, advancing public policies, data driven advocacy and reforms that gives a more supportive environment for citizen-led development.

Since March 2014, KDI has worked hand-in-hand with both Local and International bodies to promote peaceful election, active citizen engagement in democratic processes, reforms and sustainable economy.

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We build active & informed citizen with our programs in these thematic areas.

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Osun Youth Agenda is informing the Govt

...the need for a youth development plan, what it aims to achieve, its methodology, key findings, programmatic and policy recommendations.
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KDI is an active member of the Nigeria Civil Society Situation Room

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Welcome to the official application for the 2020 Kimpact Democracy School! We are excited to announce that we will convene [...]

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NewCruse FM, a digital, urban and contemporary radio station is taking on the airwaves in Ekiti in a few weeks. […]

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Administration of Electoral Justice in Nigeria

The election process in Nigeria from inception has been fraught with irregularities like those that are highlighted in Section 1) […]

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